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Our Culture

“Achievement is not always success, while reputed failure often is. It is honest endeavor, persistent effort to do the best possible under any and all circumstances.” - Orison Swett Marden

Building an organization is as simple as playing with Lego blocks. It is seemingly simple and yet complex with the structured chaos surrounding the person building the structure. The journey that a team undertakes to carefully sift through the options to select the piece(s) to build the form that has been envisioned, is a different picture to paint. At Swasth, we enable every individual to be a leader to create the best and distinctive solution to a given problem statement.

We pride ourselves in being young. This youthful zest has been very carefully tied up with values that are a culmination of personal values that have translated into the Swasth organization - courage, knowledge, and honest action. We rely on people and relationships to make the most difficult goal a reality. The reliance on the human connect brings with it an openness in our interaction within our team, and with the external stakeholders. While we work hard, we value the joy of collaborating and having fun equally.

Life @ Swasth

We like to believe that we are trying to work towards a goal that will make a difference to the world. The team comprises of a bunch of techies (and a tech-innocent) vigorously lapping up medical journals and text books, besides managing multiple other projects! Life, as they say, is busy!

There are three essentials that go into our lives:

  1. We are always learning. That is the core of our definition of hard work. Our healthcare ambitions does not just make us a startup; it also means that we have to be abreast with the wealth of information and knowledge of all our stakeholders. Learning is both fun and hard work.
  2. We help you go further. At Swasth, you will be given the experiences, training, and help needed for you to achieve your potential, and succeed. You will be enabled to think, co-create, and execute designs and solutions.
  3. We are always involved. We have a strong commitment to involvement and teamwork. It is important that as a member of our team you are part of the building process and activities. This sense of involvement is important for us to build relationships with people we work with, and help you contribute to the goals of the organization.

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